Turn your child into a maths magician?

Why Kids Hate Math
As a parent we want our children to be happy and to enjoy everything-so what do you do when you know your child hates math and tells you so?
There are 2 main reasons why kids hate math:

1. It is too easy and they are bored.
These children need to be challenged more in math. They are easily distracted and possibly disruptive because they finish their tasks fast and have nothing to do that stretched their imagination.

2. It is too hard and it makes them feel like the stupid kids in class.
These children need more practice and that is where StayOnTrack helps! These children really believe they are bad at math, they have most likely had lots of experiences where they have got problems wrong and this helps confirm that they are ‘stupid at math. ’ I have even met children that would rather be seen as the ‘naughty’ kid in class rather than the ‘stupid’ kid and so cause a lot of trouble in order to avoid doing any math.

Hearing your child say ‘I hate Math’ can makes us respond in different ways. We want to reassure our child, but sometimes in doing this we can make things worse and not better.

Here are the kind of reactions we might have:

1. “Don’t worry, I hated Math too.”
We don’t want our kids to feel alone so we tell them about how we feel the same. The problem with this is that we are giving them permission to make math unimportant and to adopt an attitude to avoid math.

2. “I wasn’t very good at math either”
Finding math difficult is not a genetic trait, it is not passed down through the generations. We find math difficult because we have not had enough help, we have not had enough practice or success. This is a problem that can easily be solved.

What can we say to our children to keep it positive?

1. “You might not feel good about math, because you are not great at it YET! Let’s put in the practice and then you will be awesome at math.”
The word yet is awesome as it lets our children know they are going to be good at it. It is literally all about the practice. Sign up to www.stayontrack.co.nz and choose the level of your child to get daily 10-15 minute practice funsheets, sent directly to your email. So easy!

2. Talk positively about math.
Talk about how great math is and point out all the areas in life that math is a part of! See ‘So talking out loud isn’t Mad after all’ at http://www.stayontrack.co.nz/wisdom.php?w=60 for great ideas on how to do this.

Life is full of math, and understanding that helps us know that math is important and worth being good at. The only thing that makes us great at math is practice.
Sign up at www.stayontrack.co.nz for great positive math practice.

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