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3 Great Tips To Push The ‘Reset Button’ For The New School Year!
The summer holidays are always a time to let things go; routines all go by the by. Now that the new school year is just around the corner- it's time to rein it all in. Here are 3 great tips to make it less painful.
1. Re-establish routines:

Over the school holidays routines slip away, everything relaxes but as we head back into the school year it is time to tighten up the routine belt so to speak. This helps make transition back to school life easier for our children.

  • Move bedtimes slowly back to what school sleep and wake-up times are- this is best established over a couple of weeks. If mealtimes and other regular routines have changed, then now is the time to reset these as well.
  • Practice getting up and dressed within the times needed for school.
  • Start eating breakfast, snacks and lunch at the similar times to school.

    2. Calendar Central:

    Having a centralised site where everyone can see at a glance what is happening can be super helpful.

  • On a calendar, block out school holidays, write in school terms, sports and afterschool activities. Include family activities, celebrations, times for studying, exams etc
  • Designate an area or system for school notices and school work-this could be a plastic folder put above where they hang their school bags or by the front door. Another idea could be a giant corkboard with your children’s names at the top-each child can pin their notices under their names.
  • Do you have a system for processing school work, art work and notices? This could be a file accordion or a scanner and laptop.

    3. Have supplies and an organised workspace:

    It is super important that children, (and yourself), have an area that body and mind recognises as a place to study.

  • Set up an organised area to work/study in- make sure it is quiet and as stress free as possible.
  • Make sure this area is totally set with supplies i.e. glue, scissors, ruler, rubber etc. This can be in a movable basket if the homework area is the kitchen table. Try to cut down any un-necessary movement away from the study area during homework/study time.
  • Have a new computer?- make sure it is totally set up before school starts.
  • Make sure all text books are bought, named and covered (if this is wanted).
  • Have pencil cases fully supplied and all items named.
  • StayOnTrack Limited 2014