Turn your child into a maths magician?

So Talking Out Loud Isn't Mad After All?
When did maths take a back seat when we are talking to our children? Find out 5 ways you can make your child a better mathematician by talking out loud!
Every day we complete tasks without even thinking about it. We are constantly juggling numbers in our heads, in our jobs and at home- be it budgeting, time-keeping, or cooking and so much more.

In fact it really is amazing and yet if we were asked what maths you did today, we would say we didn’t! But it is untrue!

One of the most effective tools in teaching is modelling; this is when you show, through your own example how something is done- this can be done most effectively through drawing and discussion.

As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher- they learn that reading is important because they see you doing it, with newspaper, books, recipes, flyers, instructions and magazines. When you read to your child, you are modelling in the most natural way, that being able to read is considered important and a part of everyday life.

So what happened to maths?

Here are 5 ways to talk out loud:

1. Supermarket: discuss with your children what they think the better deal is, if there is a special, how much are you really saving? How many meals can you get out of it, ask your children what they think and why?

2. Budgeting: talk through your budget out loud-add things together. For the things that you are happy sharing, have older children work out how much the essentials come too- it will also be an realistic eye-opener for them.

3. Flyers: Have children compare prices, give them a budget for school lunches and get them to work out what they can get- this could also be done online- can they get a better deal elsewhere. Discuss this together. Talk about buying big ticket items like white ware, cars, and computers through with your children.

4. Recipes: This one is the most easy as we often give instructions to our children when we are baking- but talk about what the actual cost of this cake could be, according to the ingredients, what happens if we have to double or triple the recipes? This is also great when kids are thinking about having friends over for a sleepover.

5. Just TALK OUT LOUD: the more you talk to your children about maths in our everyday life, the easier it will become and the more relevant maths will be in your child’s eyes.

So have fun trying out these 5 different examples and remember that www.stayontrack.co.nz is perfect for consolidating this knowledge.

Turns out that talking out loud doesn’t prove you’re crazy after all, but in fact teaches our children how amazing and useful maths is!

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