Turn your child into a maths magician?

MInecraft: The Good And The Great!
When did digging holes become so completely fascinating? As parents, we have watched our children become completely mesmerised by Minecraft- why is it so additive and what is great about it?
Minecraft is a virtual landscape in which children (and many adults) can dig holes to collect blocks.

The next part is what has captured the imagination of millions of children, they can use these blocks to create anything they like, from a mud hut to a castle-like fortress! They can create their own cities made of blocks on the many different types of terrains available.

The only limit is your imagination and patience: rollercoasters, shopping malls, giant man-cave, schools... whole villages can be created, complete with animals and plants.

The sun rises and sets, in which time you need to gather materials to make tools and build structures in which to protect yourself from the ghouls and zombies that appear at night.

All of this adventure happens in the most basic of graphics- 3D, so although it could be considered a little scary at times, there is no gore or graphics that as parents, we guard our children against.

Minecraft is what’s called a sandbox game, where the player creates the game themselves by manipulating the world within it (like kids playing in the sand). There are no specific steps or goals, so everyone playing the game is having a different experience and kids and adults alike are loving it!

As a parent- what is great about this virtual experience?

  • Maths: Minecraft has awesome mathematical concepts; from as simple as counting blocks or knowing how many blocks are in their inventory-to knowing how many more are needed to build the next structure. Children are increasing their understanding of maths when the play Minecraft - spacial awareness, area, construction, volume, perimeter, buying and trading items- just using Minecraft in the classroom helps to engage the children- so try it at home!

  • Real-life: Minecraft is often played by whole families and involves team work; it is a wonderful way to develop social skills as children have a common interest that they can talk about. Children teach each other what to do next and so connect to each other in a meaningful way. It teaches problem-solving skills, and values creativity. Children can feel free to experiment and take risks in a fun environment.

  • Safe: The violence is minimal and can be turned right off if you want. There is no bad language or any of the other stuff we want our children to steer clear of. You can choose the experiences you want your children to take part in and customise the game according as different things can be turned on or off.

    Minecraft is like a virtual Lego game and teaches so many things, from computer literacy to the many mathematical concepts.

    The biggest problem you will face is getting your children off it and not getting addicted to it yourself!
  • StayOnTrack Limited 2014