Turn your child into a maths magician?

Do We Really Need To Practice Our Basic Facts Maths Everyday?
Have you heard the old adage of 'use it or lose it'? It's true!

There are many great reasons to practice everyday, some of the outcomes may surprise you!
StayOnTrack knows that to successfully practice, it must be repetitive, short and sharp, and targeted on what the goal is. Our goal to to help your child excel at basic facts and the feedback we have been getting is great!

15 great Reasons to Practice Everyday!

1. Knowledge is power and when children know their basic facts they feel powerful.

2. The child that knows their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts feels confident and thinks maths is fun-which creates a an attitude to learning that will follow them throughout their life. (The child that doesn't know their basic facts and always has to resort to using their fingers thinks maths is boring, hard and 'I cannot do it'.)

3. You learn what you practice. Practicing the basics everyday helps your child to learn them, this stops children becoming crippled with Math Anxiety when they enter into fractions and long division.

4. Practicing everyday helps children to build an understanding of maths concepts, once they understand, it is then easier to remember their basic facts, after-all it is easier to remember something that makes sense.

5. It's fun to succeed.

6. Practicing everyday helps children see patterns in mathematics.

7. Practicing everyday, with repeat and quality exercises, helps increase what they remember.

8. Practicing everyday builds consistent math language.

9. Dr K.Erricsson says that 10,000 hours of deliberate and targeted practice,designed for where they are currently at level-wise (such as StayOnTrack provides with our worksheets), helps any person achieve an expert level.

10. Constant and quality practice and repetition of the basic facts, builds a strong learning foundation, on which new maths can be taught.

11. Practicing everyday helps children to see the maths all around them in everyday life. They can see the point of it and why it is so important.

12. If you do not practice a little bit everyday, with repeat exercises, then you will not remember it.

13. Deliberate practice focuses on improving performance.

14. Practicing everyday helps you understand how your child learns, it builds stronger understanding and forms bonds between you (this is so precious).

15. Teaches a lifelong skill that to be good at anything requires hard work and practice, when you practice you will succeed.

Check out this latest Research!

Scientists now believe that when you become an expert at something, it is mainly due to the result of quality practice NOT due to innate ability or talent.

So no more excuses!

There is no magic math gene, do not believe that your child is 'just not good at math' or any other cop-outs or old misunderstandings about talent.
In other words you are not magically blessed with amazing maths abilities, research has shown that children/adults who practice maths frequently and consistently do better.

To run a marathon, we start by taking a step and maths is no different.

Practice is the difference between success and failure.

I will leave you with this; 'Practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent'

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