Turn your child into a maths magician?

Numeracy Stage 0 - Emergent (Level 1 Worksheets)
Our level 1 worksheets cater for your first stage or emergent child. Learn what is expected and some tricks to help them.

The big question every parent faces is 'how do I help my child with their maths?'.

There are 8 stages in which children develop number concepts. The term used by teachers for the very first stage (new entrant level) is emergent. What that really means is the child cannot count consistently because they don't know how to.

What does your child at this level need to know?

They need to be able to count correctly, and be able to recognise numbers, backwards and forwards, up to twenty - which is why StayOnTracks level 1 worksheets concentrate particularly on number recognition and manipulation in up to ten and up to twenty ranges.

Numbers can be introduced to your child as young as 12 months and counting games from then on build and reinforce number knowledge.

What can you do?

  • counting small lots of numbers

  • Play board games with your child. Let them roll the dice and count the dots. They then move the counter as they count out loud the number rolled.

  • The telephone game. Order a pizza or ring a relative - help them read the number and then press the numbers on the phone. This teaches them the importance of numbers in everyday life. Teaching them their own phone number is also important for safety.

  • Count objects in books. Read counting books or in any books help your child to count out objects in the pictures. This is a colourful and fun way to teach numbers and counting up correctly. You can even make this into an adventure with a trip to the library.

  • Play 'Go Fish'. A deck of playing cards is an awesome way to teach all sorts of maths. - it's a lot of fun to play and a great way to learn together. "I have a 7, do you have a 7?" "Go fish".

  • StayOnTrack worksheets of course! Our worksheets provide perfect bite sized opportunities everyday to reinforce the basic facts.

    Take advantage of any opportunities around you... and don't forget to count backwards!

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